The Six Loves of Billy Binns by Richard Lumsden 

Genre: Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

At well over a hundred years old, Billy Binns believes he’s the oldest man in Europe and knows his days are numbered. But Billy has a final wish: he wants to remember what love feels like one last time.
As he looks back at the relationships that have coloured his life – and the events that shaped the century -he recalls a lifetime of hope and heartbreak.
This is the story of an ordinary man’s life, an enchanting novel which takes you on an epic yet intimate journey that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the universal turmoil of love.

My Thoughts

Can you say for sure that if you take a look back at your love life you always made the best choices? Because Billy Binns, at his 117 years old, wants to be loved again, and the best way is to remember all the past loves in his life, but the ups and downs, a bitter sweet story that will melt your heart.
Don’t expect a sugar story, this is a real story, with a lot of bad decisions and unfortunate events, because Billy is not perfect and maybe he will not be the love of your life, but he has a heart and that’s what keeps you reading the story.
This story has left me thinking about my life and my choices, and I am sure that was the intention of the author, to be part of your life not only a book you’ve read and forget, to make you think and compare your decisions with the ones that Billy made in his life.
The story is told between the past and the present, he is an old men ready to be loved again, even if it’s just in his memories, he doesn’t want to die without feeling loved again…

About The Author

Richard Lumsden has worked as an actor, writer and composer in television, film and theatre for 30 years.
As an actor his films include Downhill, Sightseers, Sense & Sensibility and The Darkest Hour, as well as numerous television shows and theatre productions. THE SIX LOVES OF BILLY BINNS is his first novel.