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Have You Seen Her by Lisa Hall

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: HQ Stories
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

Bonfire Night. A missing girl.
Anna only takes her eyes off Laurel for a second. She thought Laurel was following her mum through the crowds. But in a heartbeat, Laurel is gone.
Laurel’s parents are frantic. As is Anna, their nanny. But as the hours pass, and Laurel isn’t found, suspicion grows.
Someone knows what happened to Laurel. And they’re not telling.

My Thoughts

This is the first time I’ve listened to an audio book, and I loved it! The story is greatly told and easy to follow, I was a little scared that I would not fully understand or follow the story, but I didn’t have any trouble at all. On the contrary, it was great having company while I was walking, it was like a friend that is telling a story that you can pause whenever you want. If you haven’t tried an audio book, I highly recommend them to you!
Let’s talk a little about the book too, don’t you think? As you can imagine with the title, the story is about a missing person; a little girl called Lauren who disappears on the night of the bonfire, leaving a family totally devastated. The problem is that not all the members of the family are so innocent as they seem. But who could have a strong motive to kidnap a little girl? Unless something happened and they try to cover it…
This is a book were everyone have secrets and anyone could had a moment “alone” to kidnap Lauren, and this is the main point of the book. The title is not only to catch you eye if you are searching for a book, it will the the question popping to your mind all the book. Who is the last one that saw Lauren? Is she still alive? If not, who killed her? And why covering it up and putting the poor family to so much pain?
The story is told in main person by the nanny of Lauren, she really loves and cares for her, but since the beginning you know she is hiding something; but this “something” could it had something to do with the kidnapping or not?
I really enjoyed this story, with all the layers on it and all the hidden secrets that are revealed during the story, there are so many twists and surprises that I am sure you’ll love this story.
This is a psychological thriller where nothing is what it seems and everyone have something to hide. The main question is Have You Seen Her?

About The Author

Lisa loves words, reading and everything there is to love about books. She has dreamed of being a writer since she was a little girl – either that or a librarian – and after years of talking about it, was finally brave enough to put pen to paper (and let people actually read it). Lisa lives in a small village in Kent, surrounded by her towering TBR pile, a rather large brood of children, dogs, chickens and ponies and her long-suffering husband. She is also rather partial to eating cheese and drinking wine.