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Foxfire, Wolfskin and Other Stories of Shape-Shifting Women by Sharon Blackie

Genre: Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

Charged with drama and beauty, this memorable collection by a master
storyteller weaves a magical world of possibility and power from female myths of physical renewal, creation and change. It is an extraordinary immersion into the bodies and voices, mindscapes and landscapes, of the shape-shifting women of our native folklore. We meet the Water Horse of the Isle of Lewis, the huldra, the Scandinavian supernatural forest-dweller, and Baba Yaga of Slavic folklore (but will she help you or kill you?) Here too is the Snow Queen; the wild bird-woman of the Sliabh Mis Mountains; Blodeuedd, the Welsh ‘flower-faced’ woman.
Drawing on myth and fairy tales found across Europe – from Croatia to Sweden, Ireland to Russia – Sharon Blackie brings to life women’s remarkable ability to transform themselves in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances.
These stories are about coming to terms with our animal natures, exploring the ways in which we might renegotiate our fractured relationship with the natural world, and uncovering the wildness – and wilderness – within.

My Thoughts

This is not a long story, but some really short but delightful stories empowering women, I am sure any reader will enjoy!
I’ll have to admit that I’ve always been attracted to legends, they are stories from the past but we don’t know what really inspired them and this makes my mind fly trying to find magic in a world so grey and sad that I think there’s something we all really need in the present.
I can’t say which of all the stories attracted me most, they all have a powerful core and makes you think of what you’ve read. I don’t talk about them, it’s much better if you enjoy all of them by your own. These are the typical stories which have a different meaning for each of us, so what would catch my interes maybe for you it will not be important. However, if you take the chance on them I am sure you’ll love them.
I was really surprised that most of these stories are based in Ireland, living here makes them more real and familiar knowing the places they are based. But there are others from around Europe and Scotland, I am sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.
This is a book to read alone or with family/friends, to talk about what you’ve read and enjoy the curious illustrations representing each story, they are so detailed!
I think this is a book to have on the bookshelf and enjoy in the moments of need, it will make you dream and think, the perfect company in a solitary night.

About The Author

Dr Sharon Blackie is a writer, mythologist and psychologist, and an internationally recognised teacher of the mythic imagination. Her bestselling book, If Women Rose Rooted, won a 2016 Nautilus award, and laid out a haunting heroine’s journey for every woman who finds power, inspiration and solace in the natural world.  She has an international following through her online communities, and the courses and workshops she offers through ‘The Hedge School’.  Her first
novel, The Long Delirious Blue, was described by the Independent on Sunday as ‘hugely potent’.
She lives in Connemara, Ireland.