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Violet by S.J.I. Holliday

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4’5/5

About The Book

Carrie’s best friend has an accident and can no longer make the round-the-world trip they’d planned together, so Carrie decides to go it alone.
Violet is also travelling alone, after splitting up with her boyfriend in Thailand. She is desperate for a ticket on the Trans-Siberian Express, but there is nothing available.
When the two women meet in a Beijing Hotel, Carrie makes the impulsive decision to invite Violet to take her best friend’s place.
Thrown together in a strange country, and the cramped cabin of the train, the women soon form a bond. But as the journey continues, through Mongolia and into Russia, things start to unravel – because one of these women is not who she claims to be…

My Thoughts

This had been a slow paced story, atmospheric and surprising; Violet will take you to the trip of the year while you are on your comfy sofa! 😉
If you take a look at the plot of the story maybe you’ll think that there’s nothing new, but in this story, it’s more important the trip than the finish (but let’s admit that the finish is not expected either!).
The main character is Violet, a young woman who is traveling alone and is looking for a ticket to the Trans-Siberian Express when she meets Carrie; there’s chemistry since the beginning between them. But you can feel something dark around both of them too; I knew since the beginning that there will be something muddy and frightening on the trip, but you don’t suspect who will be the danger or if it will be either of them. And that’s the strong part of the book, you feel the chilling atmosphere and darkness surrounding both of them, but the reader doesn’t know from where the “evil” will come.
The story is narrated in first person, Violet as the narrator, with some e-mails from Carrie to her best friend and family. Don’t expect to like neither of them; they are not easy to like, full of secrets and totally addicted to alcohol/drugs. The story is so addictive that I finished the book wanting to know more about both characters, the story has a closure but I was so engrossed with both characters that I can’t say goodbye to them yet without knowing more of their past (and future if possible!).
S.J.I. Holliday is an amazing narrator that will make you love this story, you will take an amazing trip with Violet and Carrie; but at the same time it will make you wonder if you can trust anyone around you. Violet and Carrie met for a few hours and decided to travel together, I know I would never be willing to do this, but I suppose that when you are young and used to be with someone, the company is much more important than being safe.
Violet is a very personal trip, suspenseful and intriguing, ready to discover her?

About The Author

S.J.I. (Susi) Holliday is a scientist, writing coach and the bestselling author of five crime novels, including the Banktoun Trilogy (Black Wood, Willow Walk and The Damselfly), the festive chiller The Deaths of December and her creepy Gothic psychological thriller The Lingering. Her short story ‘Home From Home’ was published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and shortlisted for the CWA Margery Allingham Prize. Encapsulating her love of travel and claustrophobic settings, her latest novel, Violet, explores toxic friendships and the perils of talking to strangers, as well as drawing on her own journey on the Trans-Siberian Express over 10 years ago. All of
her novels have been UK ebook number-one bestsellers. Susi was born and raised in Scotland and now divides her time between Edinburgh, London and as many other exciting places that she can fit in.