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The Last Cuckoo by Maria Frankland – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Last Cuckoo by Maria Frankland

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Autonomy Press
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Do you listen to your mother? Even after she’s dead?
Anna Hardaker is following you …
This seemingly innocent Tweet fills Jamie Hardaker with confusion and fear. After all, his mother Anna has been dead for nearly three weeks.
What follows is an orchestrated Twitter campaign to lead those Anna loved, and didn’t love so much, to the truth behind her “accidental” death.

My Thoughts

This will not be an easy review, because I hated the “story” but not the book, is well written, plotted and original, but how I hated all the characters and the plot in it! If this is how society works, please, restart us now!
This is the story of a family who has two parents, each one with a child of a previous marriage and both partners with an ex-partner surrounding the “new” relationship. As you can see, the story is not easy, being a family with just one marriage and a child is not always easy in the day-to-day life, I can’t imagine mixing two adult children in the equation who are against the relation parents have. Moreover, add to this the ex-partners and your head will explode! That’s why I didn’t like the story, it felt too real and spilling hate in every page…
But the story is about Jamie, the son of Anna, who passed away recently and everyone is trying to cope with the grieve… but it’s not so easy! A couple of days after the death there will start to appearing some tweets, written by the deceased and claiming that she was killed… Was it an accident her dead or someone killed her?
It was really easy to enter the story, the need to know more about the horrible characters and their toxic relations, because there’s no one that could be saved in the story apart from Anna, the deceased one, all the others could go to jail for a while, I don’t think anyone would miss them.
I come from a mono-parental family and I am lucky that no one near me has lived a divorce, but the hate I could read on the story sounded familiar on other stories I’ve read… so I suppose this is something “normal”. But at the same time it scares me how people could hate each other so much, a daughter who doesn’t want her father happy and hates the new girlfriend; a man that ignores his son for 10 years and only wants him for the money… Really we are all like this? It’s so horrible just thinking about it!
As you can see the author has done an amazing job creating a toxic situation where no one is safe, the reader tries to discover who could be the “killer” from the beginning but there are so many possible killers that you just have to let the story flow till the end.
I would really recommend you to read “Cuckoo”, it’s powerful and twisted, easy to read and addictive, and I can assure you I will follow Maria Frankland next books, they are a must read!

About The Author

Maria Frankland’s life began at 40 when she escaped an unhappy marriage and began making a living from her own writing and becoming a teacher of creative writing.
The rich tapestry of life with all its turbulent times has enabled her to pour experience, angst and lessons learned into the writing of her novels and poetry.
She recognises that the darkest places can exist within family relationships and this is reflected in the domestic thrillers she writes.
She is a ‘born ‘n’ bred’ Yorkshirewoman, a mother of two and has recently found her own ‘happy ever after’ after marrying again.
Still in her forties, she is now going to dedicate the rest of her working life to writing books and inspiring other writers to also achieve their dreams too!


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