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Vincenzo (빈센조 – Binsenjo)

Happy Sunday!
As I promised, I’ll share another Korean tv series review, today is time for Vincenzo. The series I am talking about right now are not from 2022, because even if I am watching a few of them they are still online and I can’t know how they will end, so just in case I am waiting to share with you.
So, let’s talk a little about Vincenzo, a Korean drama about an Italian man. Sounds weird but it makes sense, he was adopted by an Italian Mafia family after his mother left him in an orphanage.
So, what’s really the series about? The adoptive father of Vincenzo passes away and he wants to rescue his money, which is hidden in “Korea”. 
The plot is quite interesting, perfect to make you wonder where the money is hidden and how difficult it will be to rescue it. But let’s be honest, this is an action series full of action and humour. Because the building that the money is hidden in, is the target of a building empire to make new flats on it. As you can imagine, a Mafia man can’t accept that his plans are not working so he will try to fight with all his resources to win. 
But this is not a series with just one man as a main character, he will have a lot of allies on his side, all the residents on the building, that makes the series fun and refreshing.
There are laughs, fights, bullets and kisses; but don’t forget that this is not a romance story, it’s a thriller so expect the unexpected.
Just one small note, this series is in talks of being brought to an American channel to adapt it, so, I would highly recommend you to watch the original, it’s worth it!

Original Network: Netflix; tvN;
Director: Kim Hee Won [김희원]
Country: Korean
Released: 2021
Genre: Comedy; Crime; Drama; Law; Mafia; Romance; Suspense;


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