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Vincenzo (빈센조 – Binsenjo)

Happy Sunday!As I promised, I’ll share another Korean tv series review, today is time for Vincenzo. The series I am talking about right now are not from 2022, because even if I am watching a few of them they are still online and I can’t know how they will end, so just in case I… Continue reading Vincenzo (빈센조 – Binsenjo)

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Happiness ( 해피니스 / Haepiniseu)

During this pandemic, I think everyone started a new hobby, some more interesting than others of course, mine has been watching Korean series. It can seem weird, but after watching a trailer of one of the top series from the moment, Crash Landing On You, I couldn’t resist watching it, now I am addicted!A lot… Continue reading Happiness ( 해피니스 / Haepiniseu)