It’s starting to change the weather and my lips are the first to notice it.
So every year I have to look in the drugstore to buy lipbalm (because every year I lost all I bought!).
So this year I found a little different one’s… you can choose the flavour!
– The Marshmallow one; for the situations you only need a little shine in your lips… (Ghostbusters)

– The Caramel one, for the every day, you can have good taste and a little colour!. (Betty Crocker)

– The Chocolate one, for the special days you need extra sweet! (Hershey’s)

I love all of them, and I hope I don’t loose this one’s…
I found all of them (but they have more flavours) in a little shop in London (The Candy Overlord).
Take a look, they have very original things! 🙂