Who doesn’t have read the “Little Prince” by Antoine Saint-Exupéry when was young?
Now it seems to be a must read book in the school, and all the libraries has a lot of merchandising of it.
It has arrived in my hands a little book of citations, Happines by Brúixola, by Antoine Sant -Exúpery, in Catalan. It’s a little book, but has beautiful drawings of the “Little Prince”, and some of the sentences that has, are very interesting.

“No podem preveure el que és important a la vida. L’alegria més bonica s’experimenta sempre quan menys l’esperes” 
It’s like we can’t prevent what it’s important in life. The most happines it always come when we doesn’t expect it.

“Aqui tens el meu secret. És molt senzill: només s’hi veu bé amb el cor. L’essencial és invisible als ulls”
Here is my secret, it’s very simple, our eyes are the heart. All essential things are invisible to the eyes.

And the last sentence, I think is the better one, Try to be happy.