Do you like cooking?
I like to try new recipes on weekends and if they contain mustard better!; I love it.
When I was in Paris, I’ve found a lot of different flavours of the Maille Moustard.
After 10 minutes we decided to buy the “Myrtilles and Violettes” and “Tomate Séchée et Pimente D’espelte” moutards.

I tried them both like a sauce with raw cauliflower!

And after I try the “Myrtilles and Violettes” with loin on the salt, and it was amazing! 🙂
First I spred all the loin with the moustard and pepper, of course!

Then I cover the loin with cooking salt, and put them 1 hour and a half in the oven at 180ª.

When the loin it’s done, you only have to remove it from the salt and cut it!

I accompany it with pinapple, but it’s your choice! 🙂