Today I want to share with you these easy and cute Paper Pumpkins from I Heart Nap Time.
You’ll have the house full of pumpkins without spending money and cutting vegetables! 
First you need…
– Scrapbook paper (or white paper if you preffer to paint them)
– Glue stick
– Brown paper bag (or green)
– Pipe Pleaner
– Scissors
– Glue
Then just follow the instructions…
– Cut 6 circles (4 and 6 in) and then hold in half. You could also use more than 6 circles to make the pumpkin more full. 
– Place glue on the outside of the folded circle.
– Push down your second circle onto the glued side.
– Keep adding circles until you form a sphere.
– Then cut the bottoms of the pumpkin off, so it stands up straight.
– Cut a strip from a piece of brown paper bag and glue it around a pipe cleaner.
– Twirl your pipe cleaner around a pencil to create a fun stem.
– Cut a piece of green paper (about 1/4 in) and wrap it around a pencil.
– Glue the stems inside the middle of the pumpkin with hot glue.
Or if you want to colour it, try it in white paper! 🙂