How it sounds a backed jacket potato ready in just 5 minutes?
The Ready Backed Jackets is the new McCain product for this cold days!
Thanks to BzzAgent I was able to try them! 🙂
Here is the curious recipe I try with them… 

First of all I chopped 2 onions and put it on the frying pan, of course removing them till where golden. Then I add a few pickles (chopped too).
While the pickles and the onions where in the pan I cut in little bits some fuet (kind of Chorizo) to add it too in the mixture.
I put the potato on the microwave for 3 minutes, to get it softer and allow me to put the mixture inside. 
And when all the ingredients seem browned and soft, I put them all on the potato with a little bit of cheese on the top! And here is the result of my recipe! 
It was really to easy to make and quick of course! 🙂