Bad Bones by Linda Ladd
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4,5/5

Detective Claire Morgan has another homicide to investigate, the brutal murder of a cage fighter; Paulie Parker. With the help of his partner Bud and his favourite shrink/fiancée Nicholas Black she will have to dig for the truth in the cage fighters world full of violence and ruled by some really crazy mobs.
Claire will have to deal with gangsters, two crazy families, some wedding troubles and a lot of snow… Will she be able to end her major case without losing her health on it?

“They learned the names of all the human bones and where they were located and the best ways to break them. It had become their favourite thing, music to their ears, the feel of bones giving way under their fists, and it happened more often than not. That’s when they began to call their obsession “bone music”.

“Early the next morning, Claire and Bud headed out to hillbilly heaven, neither one particularly craving the opportunity to hobnob with aforementioned Fitches, about whom they’d heard nothing good in the slightest. Surprisingly, however, Black didn’t seem to mind her going out there, at last not with the same outrage he did when she visited Ivan Petrov. He just told her to be careful and wear her GPS tracking device so he could find her when he inevitably got herself into trouble. Not if she got into trouble, mind you, but when she got into trouble. Oh, he of little faith.”

This book reminds me of the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, with their families rivalry and their love being not enough to keep them together.
But to say the truth, I think Paulie Parker and Blythe Fitch families are crazier than the Montague and Capulet; with their child abuse, dog fights, dealing with the Mexican cartel… and a long list full of horrible things.
Claire was expecting an easy case but the low temperatures and the snow storms won’t help her to resolve this case… although she will have some unexpected help.
This book is like entering in a cave; you don’t know what to expect inside or even if you are alone… and if there is someone inside… will it help you or try to kill you?
Ready to start the journey?