You Can Trust Me by Sophie McKenzie
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5
Livy Jackson is living the worst days of her life, she has to bury her best friend and has to face the possibility that her husband has been unfaithful again.
She will need allies in these horrible days, because she doesn’t believe that her best friend had committed suicide and her family problems will grow bigger…
“It’s an impossible choice. How am I supposed to make it?
I think back over the past few weeks and everything that has happened to bring me to this point.
It doesn’t matter. None of it matters now.
All that counts is this choice.
This impossible choice.”
Sophie McKenzie has created a strong plot with different fires on them…
First of all, Livy’s family, with two young children and an absent husband to deal that doesn’t believe that her best friend Julia has been killed. And the infidelity Livy is facing, the pain, the fear and the rage that she doesn’t want to believe and go through again.
I am always curious how a marriage can overcome an infidelity. Because without trust, there’s no love, so winning again the lost love is not easy (to say almost impossible). I don’t know if all the marriages are strong enough to face it…
The other important element in this plot is the “killer”, and it will share with us all the motives…
We can not forget Kara, the Livy’s younger sister who was killed a long time ago and will be present throughout the novel.
With all these ingredients you will find a mystery novel, perfect to entertain you when you are ready!
I am really proud how Livy believed in her instincts and investigate how her best friend committed suicide, even tough that at the end she will have to pay a high prize for her stubbornness.
Would you fight for your principles?