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Evil Games by Angela Marsons

Evil Games by Angela Marsons
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5
Do you remember D.I. Kim Stone? The brave detective with a little antisocial behaviour?
This will be Kim’s most personal case, there’s an evil mind using people to commit murder, when she starts investigating, she will become the next target. Will she be strong enough to start getting over her past or will she be the next victim of this evil game?
“‘I see you’ve been cooking again.’
‘Did you try one?’
He guffawed. ‘Nah, it’s okay. I wanna live, and I don’t eat anything I can’t put a name to. They look like Afghan landmines.’
‘They’re biscuits.’
He shook his head. ‘Why do you put yourself through it?’
‘Because I am crap at it.'”
Kim is one of my favourites detectives, she is direct, good on her word and a little odd. But who is not?
In this case we will learn more about Kim’s past, and how she, without really being aware, will start healing from her past… and become more social? No… I think not!
Knowing Kim’s past will make us, the readers, understand her passion to solve cases. And after meeting her mother, I am waiting to have a face to face encounter between the two of them… This maybe will help Kim being in peace with her past.
I don’t really like doctors, but after reading this book, I am not sure I will ever trust anyone ever!
But this is not why I love this book, you know who is behind the manipulations since the beginning… but you can not do anything to help, just pray that Kim will discover the truth before is too late.
Since you start reading this book, you can’t put it down, you just want to know who will win this obscure game, knowing that the winner will won a big prize, freedom.
Angela Marson has done it again, a mystery case that will keep you fascinated and horrified of how you can be manipulated and scared of your own behaviour.
Ready for a chess game? 

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