Today I want to share with you a prize I won two months ago… The delay it wasn’t fault of the brand, in this case Kellogg’s, it was for the delivery brand; DHL. It took one month and a half to resend the package, can you believe it?
First of all, take a look at my original prize, I love it! 🙂 Thanks Kellogg’s for this original prize, I know it was a Christmas prize, but I will enjoy it too no matter what season it is! 🙂
And now DHL, I didn’t have any phone to call to ask for my package, and when I was trying to enter to my shipment there was a note saying that it was rearranged with another shipment brand to send the package… Lucky me, this week it seems they correct the problem and now I can have my Kellogg’s!

Thanks to Kellogg’s for all the patience!