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Grounded Body Scrub

A few months ago I’ve received a sample of this curious product, with the pregnancy and the hormones I wasn’t on the mood to try it till yesterday. 
The first thing I have to say about the Grounded Body Scrub is that I loved the smell, chocolate and orange, my favourite! I love the smell and the taste of the combination of dark chocolate and orange, so it was a good start.

If you take a look at the instructions it said that they recommend to use it in the shower, because it’s quite messy. Yes, it’s true, but it leaves a great tasty smell that you don’t mind to be a little messy in the sink!
I use it on my face, and I can assure you my skin this morning is softer than yesterday!
This is a product to try, buy and give as a present! Original, yummy and it works. What excuse do you have to not use this product, it’s a must for beauty lovers!

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