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Good as Gold Paint Can by Nailsinc

As you may know I am a nail colour lover, so after some time looking for this curious new way of painting my nails, the Paint Can by Nailsinc, I had it finally in my bag a few days ago. Sadly the experience wasn’t as good as I thought… it was easy, yes, but the results are not very pretty, I prefer the normal nail lacquer, best results and better colour.
Here is my experience…
First of all you have to paint your nails with a base coat, as always, to take care of your nails and don’t damage it after painting them repeatedly. Then you use the paint can, with just one shot the colours are very faint…
So I recommend you to use it two times…
And then put a top coat on the colour…
In the instructions it says that it doesn’t matter if you paint the skin near the nail, with some soap it will be removed quickly, but after 3 days of painting my nails, cleaned my hands a lot of times and showered myself, there’s still gold on my skin!
So, if you are searching for a quick and good way to paint your nails, I don’t recommend this method very much… try the normal nail lacquers, they are better!

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