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Wikaniko Moringa Oil

Trying new beauty products from an unknown brand is always something scary. Would it be safe? Is it a scam? What ingredients does it contain? Where’s originally made?
Thanks to Bloggers Required I had the opportunity to try the Wikaniko Moringa Oil, do you know it?
The oil comes from the Moringa Lucifera (horseradish tree maybe it will sound more familiar), produced in Spain and organically grown. You can find a lot of products using the Moringa plant; oil, pills, powder…
I’ve tried the oil on my skin, and it leaves the skin softer and moisturised, and the smell is veggie, just like a soft plant. It seems you can use the oil to season the food, but I have to admit I am not very adventurous in the food terms, I love olive oil!
If you are curious about the Wikaniko Moringa Oil, don’t doubt to take a look at their homepage, I am sure if you have any questions regarding their products they will answer them! 
Ready for a new skin?

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