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The Bell Tolls by R. Franklin James – Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway!

The Bell Tolls by R. Franklin James 
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4’5/5
Hollis Morgan is a fallen angel trying to change her life helping her clients at Triple D. Being a lawyer is not always easy, and when a client you don’t like passes away and leaves some weird instructions with some mysterious envelopes, everything seems too weird not to talk to the police… What’s really happening with the mysterious will?

“It was almost ten a.m. before Hollis was able to finish work with Penny and turn her attention to the second envelope retrieved from Bell’s safe. The name outside was Naomi Eaton. The envelope was much lighter than Cantone’s and she quickly emptied the contents out onto her desk.”
After reading this book I just can say I loved it, it makes you feel empathy towards Hollis, her life and her curious clients, just saying that it kept me awake all night till I finished it!
Hollis is a good woman, she has a past, we all have a past, and she is ready to continue with her life, trying to be a good person and help all the people around her, even if they don’t deserve it. I was quite surprised with her relation with her family, they didn’t treat her with love or kindness, but she wants to be a good daughter, not for them, for her, something courageous and laudable.
It was interesting that the author not only centred the plot to one case but some other clients, Hollis family and friends problems and Hollis boyfriend John. It made the book more compelling and real, and more emotional if I have to say the truth.
There are a few twists in the book that left me without words, I will not make any spoilers, but the Epilogue was devastating, I can’t wait to read the next book and know more!
This is the fifth book of the series “The Hollis Morgan Mystery”, you can read it as standalone but I am sure you will love the book like I did and would want to read all the series.
Really, this is a must read mystery!

Interested? Good Luck in the Giveaway! 😉

3 thoughts on “The Bell Tolls by R. Franklin James – Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway!

  1. Thank you for the great review! The Hollis Morgan Mystery Series starts out with THE FALLEN ANGELS BOOK CLUB, which gives the reader insight into Hollis' betrayal and her climb back to self-respect. The next book in the series, THE IDENTITY THIEF, will be released in June 2018.


  2. Hi Jana, each of the books in the Hollis Morgan Mystery Series is a stand alone, but you may want to start with THE FALLEN ANGELS BOOK CLUB to read how Hollis' struggle to re-gain her self-respect started … with a mystery.


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