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The Stationery Selection – May 2018

I know I haven’t shared the last month shipment of The Stationery Selection with you, but let me say that is not because the shipment wasn’t worth to share or because I didn’t like the products inside, is because I didn’t have the time to share it with you. I have so many book blog tours in the last months that schedule something different is quite impossible!
Let’s talk about this month shipment; surprising, original and with some great discoveries and some products I was searching for a while, take a look…
I’ll start with the calligraphy brush pen (Sailor Fude Nagomi Brush Pen) in black. I still can not control it, I suppose because I am still a calligrapher learner, but is fluid to use and small. So perfect for my “calligraphy doodles”! 😉

I’ve been searching for the Classiky Label Book for a while, is perfect to use as labels on presents, notes or anything you want! And they are perforated in the middle…
I already showed with you some other patterns of the beautiful Kaishi paper, this time I think the pattern is so delicate and pretty, I love it! I will use the Furukawa 3210 Kaishi Paper as envelopes or to write letters to my penfriends, what use would you give to it?
I’ve never used a porcelain stamp, but this Classiky Porcelain Stamp is really original! And you can use it with normal ink or wax, that’s why there are two gold Tokyo Antique Wax Sticks.
I have to admit that the illustration is not my favourite, a chair is not something that you use normally in a stamp, but I am sure I’ll use it. 
I can not forget to talk about the Nishishuku Origami paper, is so cute and with a lovely pattern! And it seems that it was just released last month! 😉
The washi stickers are created specially for this box shipment, so if you like them you’ll have to send a special message to The Stationery Selection and ask if you could buy one!
And of course I left my favourite product of this box for the last… The tree motif Mt Washi Tape! As always, there’s never enough washi tape in my life! 😉
This time, I tried to search all the products in online stores, so if you are interested in purchase any of them, you just have to click on the name. I will not win any profit in any of the shops, I simply thought that if you like any of the products you will have a shop to buy them!
As you could see this was a great shipment and I can’t wait to see what will be inside next month! 😉

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