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Diamond or Gold?

I’ve always loved the little toys with surprises inside, so when I found a mysterious box were you could find a diamond or a pice of gold inside, I couldn’t resist to try luck with my little one, you never know if this would be your lucky day!

The two piece I tried were from two different brands, the Dig a Diamond (by Science by Me) and Dig Gold (by Mine It). Both toys are for children older than 6 years, so when I used with my little one (he is just 30 months) I was all the time checking him. The tools could be dangerous without adult supervision all time and the sand could be toxic to eat, so if you try these toys with your little ones, keep them vigilant all time!
Now, take a look at my adventure digging for a precious prize…
We started with the Dig Diamond, the tools were perfect for little hands, but I missed a magnifying glass to show my little one the mineral inside.
Let me say that it was a little difficult to dig it, but my little one had a great time playing with it…
In the end I think we had a Lapis Lazuli, or some bits of it…
The Dig Gold was easier to dig, it just took a few minutes to find the mineral and it was fun!
The tools were great, small size for little ones; but a chisel for the hammer would had been better!
My little one had a great time playing with the gold, but didn’t know how to use the tools…
We found a Volcanic Rock inside…
As you can see, I didn’t find the precious prize, but we did had a great time trying it!
After playing with the two brands, I liked more the Mine It brand, it was easy to find the rock and the mineral was much better than the other one!
Have you ever tried any of these toys? Any other brand I should try to have more chances to get rich? 😉

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