Too Far by Jason Starr

Genre: Crime, Mystery

Source: No Exit Press

Rating: 4/5



About The Book

Jack Harper isn’t a bad man, but he’s stuck in a loveless marriage with a mediocre job just trying to keep sober. The only good thing in his life is his son. When an old college friend introduces him to a new extramarital dating website, he tentatively reaches out to find a distraction from his misery. But when he goes to meet up with his steamy online date, he quickly realises it was a dire choice.

Soon, Jack finds himself desperately trying to prove his innocence for crimes he did not commit, and the life he once had – unhappy as it was – is nothing but a dream. Now, he’s living his worst nightmare. . .


My Thoughts

What would you do if your life feel senseless, with no purpose; a marriage with no love and a boring job, that’s how Jack Harper feels about his life, the only thing that matters to him is his son. He feels that he is the only thing that brings happiness to his life. But when an old friend appears telling the “great” advantages of having an affair, he can not resist to take a look at a dating website and try to connect with someone… Of course everything will start getting to the wrong direction when he meets this woman, because he will find her dead and he will be the main suspect! Really, I don’t think Jack can have worst luck even if he was searching for it!

Since the beginning Jack is not a nice character, is not easy to like or to understand, having an affair to make you life happier is not a good choice, if you don’t love your wife divorce, but don’t start an affair, is never the best idea. But as we enter to the story we start feeling pity for Jack, he is not a lucky man, everything he does seems to be wrong, his choices are not the best, but he doesn’t have bad intentions. He just wants to be with his son and try to repair his marriage, even if his wife is not really good, or seems to be interested in him at all.

On the other hand, there’s the detective that is investigating the murder, he is not interested in discovering what has really happened, but to make Jack’s life worse than he is, complicating his marriage and job, simply because he can. I do really hope that the real detectives are much more centred in the investigation than bothering the suspects!

This had been an addictive read, it was easy to know what was really happening, so the twist at the end was not really a twist, but the book was interesting and it kept you glued to the story since the first page. If you are searching for an interesting read, addictive and twisted, this is your next book!


About The Author

Jason Starr is the international bestselling author of many crime novels and thrillers and his books have been published in over a dozen lan

guages. Many of his books are in development for film and TV. Starr’s bestselling crime novels include Cold Caller, Nothing Personal, Fake ID, Hard Feelings, Tough Luck and Twisted City, followed by Lights Out, The Follower, Panic Attack, Savage Lane and his latest novel, Too Far. He is one of only a handful of authors who have won the Anthony Award for mystery fiction multiple times. He was born in Brooklyn and lives in Manhattan.