I know is too soon and you still don’t have your Christmas Tree or any intention to have it on the next few days, but I thought I have to share with you these pretty ornaments by the artist Frank Stella, you can buy them at The Whitney, they are a bit expensive, $150 each one, but they are so original and big that I think they are worth the price!

These ornaments were designed by Frank Stella exclusively for The Whitney in conjunction with the exhibition. The process of using digital files created from traditionally poured and cast shapes made in the 1990s, is explored in Laura Owen in Conversation with Frank Stella in the exhibition’s accompanying publication, Frank Stella A Retrospective. Mr. Stella has been experimenting with 3-D printing technologies since 2002. These pieces reflect Mr. Stella’s studio practice in not only form and vision, but as a result of his desire to explore and push the bounds of new methodology. There are pieces in Frank Stella: A Retrospective incorporate 3-D printed elements. Always conceived as a project that would be accessible to as many visitors to the museum as possible, this is an open edition. The seven stars differ slightly in size, with irregular proportions measuring approximately four inches on all sides.

Take a look…