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Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book – 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Tour

Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book



Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 5/5


Today I have the pleasure to share with you one original and interesting book, I am not sure if you know the “Ordnance Survey Puzzle”, but if you let me I’ll tell you all about it!
I’ve always been fascinated by maps, I am not sure if the love for maps started when I was studying Geology or before, but it always surprised me how so many interesting facts about the typography of a country could be told in a simple paper with just some marks to read it. For me, reading a map has been always like a puzzle, discovering new facts and places every time you look at it!

This book is not just an interesting way to learn new places from the UK, but a way to know how to read all the secrets the maps have hidden at first sight, only able to see from the expert readers. And, I can assure you that after playing with all these maps you will be an expert reading maps, you may think that this is not a useful treat, but reading a map can save your life, don’t forget it!

Every map has some information about it and questions to answer, separated by: Easy, Medium, Tricky and Challenging. Of course you’ll want to start with the easy questions, but as you start enjoying this amazing new game, you’ll want to know more and try to answer the most difficult questions, because even if they are difficult, some challenges are always great for our minds, don’t you think?

This is the perfect book for any puzzle lover, no matter the age or if they like maps, this book is so addictive and interesting that will be a great present for everyone!


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