Being a coffee addict makes me always search for coffee related things, so when I discovered these original coffee glasses, I couldn’t resist to share them with you! This in an Indiegogo campaign, by the Kruve brand.

KRUVE EQ glassware is scientifically designed to amplify or soften certain flavour notes; and experience better the  coffee with all your senses in perfect harmony! Here are some of the great features of these glasses…

  • Balanced flavour
  • Enhanced aroma
  • Stable drinking temperature
  • Comfortable to hold (Cool to the touch)
  • Comfortable to drink (Thin rim)
  • Dishwasher Safe


There are two different kind of glasses; each glass offers a unique rim architecture and liquid surface area, so taste will differ significantly. A larger liquid surface area increases the rate of oxidation, which in turn, softens the tannins and acidity. Rim architecture affects the flow and spread of the beverage on your tongue, which in turn, impacts the number of taste receptors that get activated.

Both glasses offer a significant amount of headspace (i.e. volume of air between the liquid surface and the rim of the glass). Each glass also features a unique internal shape, which can greatly impact the aromatic focus of the beverage. A more bulbous glass shape can better soften and retain an aroma, as well as increase nose involvement. Whereas, a more narrow glass shape will concentrate the volatile compounds and funnel the aroma more directly to the nose. Also, both glasses offer a high-tilt drink angle, which is important for smelling all those wonderful aromas while drinking.

Both glasses are made from heat-resistant double-walled borosilicate glass that tapers into a single-wall at the rim. The double wall keeps the temperature stable so that it’s hot while standing, yet perfect for drinking. The double wall also ensures it’s comfortable to hold. The single wall at the top keeps the rim thin so that it’s comfortable to drink.