Christmas Gift List 2018

Do you have any ideas for your Christmas presents?
I know you are probably searching for some new and surprising presents for your loved ones, so I thought I could make a list of some of the things I liked most as Christmas presents, for adults and children. Take a look, there’s something for everyone! 😉

First of all, for the jewellery lovers, you should take a look at the Eclectic Eccentricity, they not only have some original and cute things, their prices are affordable and I am sure you’ll love all their products!

For the coffee lovers, and the ones that need something small but original as a present, you should take a look at Beanies Coffee. They always have limited edition flavours depending on the season we are, you have to admit that a delicious coffee is always the best present. And this year they made an Advent Calendar too, so… which one will it be? A present for you or for someone else? 😉

If instead of a coffee lover you have a tea lover near you, I would recommend you to take a look at the tasty Jadu Tea London, they have a large variety of teas and I can assure you that they are delicious!

You can never forget a beautiful notebook for any analogue lovers (like myself, of course!), that’s why you should take a look at the Silvine Originals Notebooks, they are sturdy and with good quality paper. But what I liked most is the reddish covers, they are perfect as a Christmas present or something new for New Year’s Eve! 😉

If you have a puzzle lover, you should take a look at the amazing Ravensburger Adult Christmas Puzzle collection, they have some really astonishing designs and I am sure they will relax anyone on the worst Christmas moments!

For the little ones I would like you to recommend you the Chalk Sticks by Little Brian, they are perfect for little hands and they dry really quick, they will be a hit for any little one.

For the children that love to talk and listen to music, I would take a look at the Mojimoto by Re:creation, they move their eyes, record your voice and you can hang them everywhere.

And a game for the small and the big ones, Bandido by Helvetiq, I played for hours with my little cousin and we had so much fun that I thought it had to be on the Christmas Gift List!

These are some of the most original products I’ve tested and reviewed this year, some of them you will see the reviews on the coming days, I’ve been travelling so much lately that it had been difficult to take the photos at home! But I would like to thank all these amazing brands for allowing me to try their products and share them with you, you are amazing!
If you are searching for a book, you’ll have to wait a few more days for my 2018 Top Books. There has been so many good books this year that it has taken me a while to decide which ones to add!

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