Did you have all the presents you asked for this Christmas? I had a lot of unwanted pyjamas, but also some of the things I was asking to Santa Claus and the Three Kings, specially an amazing tripod and some backgrounds for my photos, you’ll see them quite often during this New Year!

If you are the ones that prefer not to spend money during Christmas and buy the presents to the loved ones after the crazy holidays, I would like to show you this original “toy” called Ghostkube.

“GHOSTKUBE is a sculpture inspired by moving origami. It consists of cubes connected in a three-dimensional structure. You can manipulate it to change shapes in different ways. It is made from a system of pieces that lock together. When you want to try another design, you simply take it apart and build a different one using the exact same pieces. No matter if you are developing probes for you next Mars mission, constructing skyscrapers, or looking at atomic structures for nano technology, GHOSTKUBES can serve as an inspiration and a tool for creativity.”
I still haven’t had the chance to play with these amazing pieces, but you have to admit that it seems to have a infinitive possibilities with moving sculptures and a lot of fun playing with it.

As you can imagine this is a Kickstarter project, but I am sure this project will be backed and will have a lot of fans ready to play with it! 😉