Searching for toys this Christmas has been a little nightmare, I was interested in toys that wouldn’t be really big but something that my son would enjoy for a long time, and if he would learn with it even better. I always played with Djeco toys when I was a child, so is a brand I trust, not only for the materials of the toys but for the learning part that every toy has. I believe that children should learn playing, not studying.

So, today I want to talk about the Step by Step game, a game for children to learn how to draw with simple steps and starting with a geometric form. So, they will learn how to transform a simple circle, triangle or square to an animal or object with some simple lines. Interesting, don’t you think?

The toy consists on 3 big boards with one circle, one square and one triangle, each one with 10 drawings to do with them; and a pen and a cleaner. So you will not need anything else when you play with this toy and it doesn’t need any batteries!
This is a toy recommended starting from 3 years, so my son is almost there, but as you can see, his drawings are not quite as similar as the ones he has to draw! But I wanted this toy not only for him to draw, but to show him that he can do more things instead of writing and painting, because even if neither my husband nor I are good at drawing, maybe he will be an artist! You never know…

This is not an expensive toy, £11’99 on Amazon, and let me tell you a secret, he had chosen this toy among all the other toys he had received this Christmas, so I think it will be a hit! 🙂