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I’ll Find You by Liz Lawler – Blog Tour

 I’ll Find You by Liz Lawler

Genre: Psychogical Thriller
Source: Bonnier Zaffre
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Emily Jacobs, a nurse, is in hospital for a minor operation. When she wakes in the night, woozy with anaesthetic, she sees the doctor frantically trying to resuscitate the woman in the bed next to her. In the morning, she is told that she must have had a nightmare. The bed has been empty all along . . .
When Emily returns to work she discovers a bracelet that she believes belonged to the missing woman. Soon, she becomes convinced that her colleagues at the hospital are hiding a terrible secret.
What if she’s wrong? What if her own troubled past has affected her more than she knows?
But what if she’s right?
What else could they be capable of?

My Thoughts

Emily Jacobs is not having her best year, her sister disappeared last year and she is having an operation at the same hospital she disappeared… The operation goes perfectly fine, but while she is sleeping that night, she sees that her room partner is having some healthy problems… The next day, when she wakes up no one remembers her or knows anything about her, making Emily to question if she is having hallucinations. Emily will start asking questions about the mysterious patient, but everything seems that it was a creation of her mind. She is not ready to accept that not only she had failed her sister but also an unknown woman. She is ready to find her or to accept the consequences… ready?
I can totally see this book made to a movie; the moments when Emily thinks she can see her sister, the noisy nurse that wants to control everyone at the hospital, the handsome doctor… It will be a dark and intriguing movie, and wait for the final twist, of course!
Emily is braver than she thinks; she has always been diminished by her parents (they are really a pearl), her sister is always relying on her, and the only time she confronts her, is when she disappears… so you can imagine the guilt she is living with. She has been for a long term in therapy and now that she thought she is ready to live again, she sees someone disappear again. The problem she will have is that she doesn’t have anyone near to believe her; neither the police, the therapist, the nurses… so she will have to decide to trust her instincts or really believe that she is hallucinating.
I liked Emily’s character, even if she doesn’t know it, she is a strong woman, she had a really bad childhood, but is ready to fight for the truth, no matter if she has to risk her life or her freedom.
Ready for a compelling read that will leave you with a broken heart?

About The Author

Born in Chatham and partly raised in Dublin, Liz Lawler is one of fourteen children and grew up sharing socks, pants, stuffed bras and a table space to eat at. Liz spent over twenty years working as a nurse, and has since worked as a flight attendant and as the general manager of a five-star hotel. She now lives in Bath with her husband. Don’t Wake Up, Liz’s debut novel, sold over 150,000 copies. I’LL FIND YOU is her second novel.

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