I am always surprised how a small car can entertain a kid, no matter the age or the genre, they all love them, even adults can spend hours playing with them!

When I was at the Toy Fair London last week, I discovered these cute Beetles, and I couldn’t resist to share them with you…
I didn’t recognise the Majorette brand, it seems is a really famous French brand from 1960’s that combines tradition and innovation; making high quality products. I had never played with their cars, but after enjoying the VW Beetle Surfing, I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations, it’s amazing, you can remove the surf board and open the boot too!

Let me say that this cute edition was a special edition for all the Toy Fairs for this year around the world, so it’s a very special edition, and quite searched if you take a look at the Ebay price…But, I prefer to give it to my son, he really loves cars!

If you take a look at the Majorette brand, there are so many original and different designs to choose! I’ve fallen in love with the S.O.S. Flashers, they make lights and noise! I think my son will have the complete set soon… 😉