Killing State by Judith O’Reilly

Genre: Thriller
Source: Love Books Group
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Michael North, assassin and spy-for-hire, is very good at killing bad guys.
But what happens when his shadowy bosses at the dark heart of the post-Brexit British government, order him to kill an innocent woman and North can’t bring himself to do it?
The woman is rising political star, Honor Jones, MP. She has started asking dangerous questions about the powerful men running her country.
The trouble is, Honour doesn’t know when to stop. And, now that he’s met her, neither does North…

My Thoughts

Michael North has a very special job, he is a killer for sale, he is ready to kill anyone who could put the state in danger, he only has two rules; never kill a child nor a woman. So, when he receives the order to kill the MP Honor Jones, he is not eager to take the job, there is something that doesn’t feel right with it.
MP Honor Jones is searching for her best friend, it had been two weeks without any news from her, so when she starts asking questions about her disappearance she starts being scared for her life… Is Michael North the one ordered to kill her?
This book had been a great surprise, since the beginning you can feel the clock ticking against Honor and North, they have a strange alliance, Honor wants to find her friend Peggy and North is trying to keep Honor safe; they don’t know what is happening simply that they will have to run to be safe and don’t trust anyone; anyone…
I am always surprised when we see how the power is so corrupt, it seems that everyone with power can not resist to do harm if they can have more power, not only on this story but in reality; like a drug, you always need more…
Honor and North are not people with an easy past, but they are who they are and try to live with their own faults and rules; possibly they would never met if it would not be for the missing Peggy, of course. But their alliance will not be seen with good eyes, they will have to fight if they really want to discover the truth. Lucky for them they will have a quite weird ally, an exceptional teenage girl called FangFang; intelligent and brave will give them the missing clues to discover the truth.
I really enjoyed this read, fast paced and with a few twists to maintain the adrenaline flowing every page; because there’s not only their lives at risk but the country too…
Ready for the Killing State?

About The Author

Judith O’Reilly is the author of Wife in the North, a top-three Sunday Times bestseller and BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. Judith is a former political producer with BBC 2’s Newsnight and ITN’s Channel 4 News, and, when she isn’t writing novels, she writes for The Sunday Times.
Judith lives in Durham.