Ghosts by Nick Conroy

Genre: Poetry
Source: Love Books Group

About The Book

very poem in GHOSTS touches on the theme in some way, whether it be overtly as in the title poem, or more succinctly, as in Dragonfly – in which the poet explores ephemeral elements of his perception of his mother.
Nick Conroy’s words touch the heart of his subject matter, and the reader’s emotions at the same time, involving family, identity – and potential or actual loss.
This is a strong, cohesive collection of poems, containing a hard grit which meets a fluid, powerful movement of language to create waves of recognition and understanding. The topics and themes are covered honestly, and with refreshing vulnerability in the language used. In each poem there is something of a journey – involving lostness, a seeking and in the end an acceptance of the events described.

My Thoughts

I am always surprised how can a poem express so many emotions in just a few words!
And let’s admit it, everyone is surrounded by ghosts; missing family or friends, wrong decisions and actions… that’s what the author Nick Conroy wants to transmit with his poems.
Maybe ghosts are difficult to talk and think of, but they are always there, hunting us…
I am not a poet lover, but I decided that this year I would try to read more different type of books and I am really glad to have discovered this little gem, poetry is not always easy to read, but it always leaves you with some deep thoughts.

About The Author

Nick Conroy is currently studying for a Master’s in English at the University of Hull. Poetry has always been at the centre of his passion as a writer, and since childhood he’s enjoyed spoken word.
He was published in the Poetry Rivals “Whispers in the Wind” anthology in 2009 with a shortlisted poem, and won a couple of small competitions while still at school. Performance poetry, he feels, can capture a crowd and create an atmosphere – which he finds addictive.
Nick moved to Hull in 2014, with an understanding that the city is still revered for its poets.
He wanted to immerse himself in the culture of poetry in such a uniquely beautiful, historic place. He senses something haunting and intoxicating about Hull, and the community of writing that it holds in high regard. There are countless opportunities for emerging writers to stamp their mark on the scene, and he knew he couldn’t sit back and keep his poetry to
Performing at open mic events such as Away with Words, he was able to get himself heard by a wider audience. He has so far performed twice for the BBC Humberside ‘Contains Strong Language’.