The Perfect Betrayal by Lauren North

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5


About The Book

After the sudden death of her husband, Tess is drowning in grief. All she has left is her son, Jamie, and she’ll do anything to protect him – but she’s struggling to cope. When grief counsellor Shelley knocks on their door, everything changes. Shelley is beautiful, confident and takes control when Tess can’t bear to face the outside world. She is the perfect friend to Tess and Jamie, but when Jamie’s behaviour starts to change, and Tess starts to forget things, she begins to suspect that Shelley might not be the answer to their problems afterall.
When questions arise over her husband’s death and strange things start to happen, Tess begins to suspect that Shelley may have an ulterior motive. Tess knows she must do everything she can to keep Jamie safe – but who can she trust?

My Thoughts

Can you imagine that your husband takes a flight for work and never comes back?
This is what Tess is living right now, she doesn’t know how to cope with the loss of the love of her life, she is not only neglecting her but also her son. So when one day a counsellor knocks on her door she is ready to trust her, but what does she really know about her and her intentions? Is she a trustworthy person or does she have a hidden agenda?
This is not an easy story to read, I can not imagine losing my husband from one day to the other, and neither is Tess. She doesn’t have any close family to help her with her sadness, the only one interested in her is her brother-in-law that wants her to sign the insurance papers for some mysterious money that her husband asked to him… Tess doesn’t like him, but right now she just wants to be left alone. There’s a mysterious man too that is threatening her and her son with a mysterious file that her husband was working on… who is he and what does he want? These are some of the questions that popped on my mind while I was reading the book, and I was so much trying to answer them that I didn’t saw the twisted ending!
The story is told in two times, the present, where Jamie (Tess son’s) is missing; and we’ll read the interview with the detective and the suspects to the kidnapping. And the past, counting back from Jamie’s birthday (the day that disappeared), the day her husband died…
I read this book in one stand, it was addictive and intriguing; I couldn’t put it down!
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About The Author

Lauren North writes psychological suspense novels that delve into the darker side of relationships and families. She has a lifelong passion for writing, reading, and all things books.
Lauren’s love of psychological suspense has grown since childhood and her dark imagination of always wondering
what’s the worst thing that could happen in every situation.