How many times have you seen a picture book and you disdain it because you thought it was just for kids?
I love picture books, they always surprise me, with not so many pages and not many words they create a beautiful story for young and old; always!
When at the London Book Fair I was asked to join in a workshop with the yoga instructor Elisa Bortone I couldn’t resist to join them and learn some relaxing techniques for me and my son.
Here you can see some of the people that joined on the workshop doing yoga poses…

And my son learning how to breath to relax…

I have to admit that the class was really fun and I learned relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and some awesome yoga poses, it was great!
Thanks to the class I discovered the “Unworry Book” by Usborne; it shows you some interesting ways to de-stress and ways avoid worry.
One of the book de-stress techniques is to write dow what worries you most and put it in a box at the top of the shelf. It may seem symbolic but I can assure you that it works!

There are some easy Yoga techniques in the book to help you relax during stressful moments and some interesting activities too! Painting, drawing, writing… all of them which help you stop worrying and make your life easier! Take a peek inside the book…

This is not a book to read in one sitting, is a book to enjoy and participate in the activities that has, enjoying the pages for as long as you want, without any pressure or obligation. Choosing the page you like without following the number of the pages depending on what day you had or what type of help you need. The activities are easy and fun to do with some colourful illustrations and cute characters. I am sure any reader; young or adult will love this book; I would recommend you to read it with your children/partner/friend, the fun will be much bigger!
This book will be perfect during the Easter Holidays and it just costs £8.99!
I would like to thank Usborne for this book, it was a pleasure playing with it!