Brotherhood by David Beckler

Genre: Thriller
Source: Sapere Books

About The Book

A crime thriller, in which two ex-Royal Marines are pitted against a former child soldier, and one of the most brutal gangs in Manchester.
When Byron Mason’s seventeen year-old nephew, Philip, becomes embroiled in a murder, he calls his uncle for help. Byron returns to the city of his birth and, having been thrown back together with his estranged family, he finds his nephew is being hunted not only by the police, but also by a vicious gangster, Ritchie McLaughlin, the uncle of the murdered boy, both of whom believe Philip to be guilty of the crime. Shortly after Byron’s arrival, Philip disappears, leaving Byron and his firefighter friend, Adam Sterling, to track him down before time runs out.
As part of her investigation into Philip’s role in the murder, newly appointed Detective Chief Inspector Siobhan Fahey also uncovers the brutal past of Philip’s friend, Mugisa, whose very survival has depended on burying his own emotions and controlling the people around him. She quickly realises that Mugisa is a very dangerous young man.
The search for Philip is made all the more perilous when Ritchie McLaughlin decides he has unfinished business with Byron, and is bent on exacting revenge. Byron and Adam are faced with tough decisions as they fight to keep Philip and his family safe; legal and moral boundaries are crossed in their battle against ruthless adversaries. In the end, though, the greatest peril comes from an unexpected quarter…

My Thoughts

This is a fast-paced thriller, full of action, killings and gangs. It will make you wonder in what type of society we live…
This story is full of characters, in the beginning they will seem too much; a group of friends who are not as innocent as they seem, a fireman, a man ready to keep his family safe, a gang band and the police… All of them have a fundamental part in the story, making the story deep and troubled, perfect for any thriller’s reader!
Since the beginning we know who the victim and murder is, but we will feel the police impotence to frame the killer in our own skin, because they know who did it, but they need prove or a confession to put them in prison. It will not be as easy as they think and even worse after they discover the past of the perpetrator…
Brotherhood is not a random title for this book, is the victim’s gang, and he knows that if he fails to them he will have to pay a price, his life. But not only him, the other members of the Brotherhood will have to pay too if they fail to their leader, a teenage boy who is not afraid to use any type of arm to fulfil his objectives.
It was interesting how one of the main characters of the story, Philip, calls his uncle for help; it was curious that instead of talking to his parents about the murder he decided to call Byron, who of course will leave everything to help him. The only problem is that the family of the victim has an old vendetta against him and his gang is ready for everything to find Philip; dead or alive…
I am always surprised how teenagers find so easy to lie to their families without thinking about the consequences of their acts, I know this is a book, but I am sure you have lied to your parents too and didn’t think too much about it neither! Because in this case the Brotherhood is formed with youngsters and their mission is not going to church everyday specifically…
I would make a lot of spoilers if I’ll try to share more about the story, so simply start reading it and discover all this entangled web that Byron Mason will have to clean if he wants to keep his nephew safe!
Ready to enter the Brotherhood?

About The Author

David writes crime thrillers full of fast-paced action.
Born in Addis Ababa in 1960, he spent his first eight years living on an agricultural college in rural Ethiopia where his love of reading developed. After dropping out of university he became a firefighter and served 19 years before leaving to start his own business.
He began writing in 2010 and uses his work experiences to add realism to his fiction.
The Mason and Sterling series centre on two ex-Royal Marines, Byron who now runs a security company and Adam who is a firefighter. A strong cast of supporting characters support his protagonists. Sapere Books are publishing Brotherhood, the first novel in the series, in late 2018.
David lives in Manchester, his adopted home since 1984. In his spare time he tries to keep fit—an increasingly difficult undertaking—listens to music, socialises and feeds his voracious book habit.