The Hidden Wife by Amanda Reynolds

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

She was young and beautiful, married to a famous author. They were celebrating their anniversary at their stunning country estate. So why did Julia Blake walk out of her perfect life, apparently leaving no trace?
Seren, a junior reporter for the local paper, can’t believe her luck when she lands an exclusive with Julia’s husband, Max. But as Seren spends more time at the couple’s remote mansion, probing ever deeper into the case, dark questions await.
What was Julia really like, behind closed doors? Was her marriage to this brooding, secretive man as perfect as it seemed? And did she really mean to disappear that night – or was she murdered?

My Thoughts

Since the first page this book has intrigued me, this is a missing case, a woman has disappeared and the first suspect is the rich husband. For now nothing special, but we are not reading the investigation because it has been hang up for a while. We are reading the interview to the missing wife’s husband; trying to explain his vision of the night she disappeared.
We will have the story told between the police investigation, questioning all the suspects; and Seren’s life in first person, making the reader more connected to the story.
I really liked the main character, Seren, a young journalist with her own personal problems who feels a strange connection with the eccentric husband and his isolated big house. You can almost feel the cold in your bones whenever Seren is near Max and his helper Mim, they have a curious relation and you can sense that they are hiding something, but what? This is not the only thing concerning Seren’s life, she has been receiving some strange calls at midnight and she thinks that maybe her lost brother is trying to contact her…
I have to admit that I didn’t have any sympathy for neither Max or Julia (the suspect and his missing wife), Max seems that was giving everything to Julia, but never the “human contact” she needed or the time. And Julia felt like a spoiled egocentric girl, she only cared for herself… Of course this doesn’t justify a killing, never, but I got the impression that no one ever told them how horrible they were together!
Mim is a curious character too, you don’t like her, but you feel that she is covering her boss… from what?
As you can see there are a lot of questions to answer, I will say that you’ll have them solved in the end, with a twist, of course, but an unexpected twist that will make this book a memorable read.
I must say that I would love to read another “case” from Seren, I would like to know more about her and her story and I am sure she is the perfect journalist to interview any murder suspect!
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About The Author

Amanda Reynolds lives in the Cotswolds with her family where she writes full-time. Her debut novel, Close To Me, is a #1 e-book best- seller. The Hidden Wife is her third book.