Dumbo is my favourite Disney movie of all times, the story of a young elephant that surprises everyone… tender and inspirational at the same time! So when I saw the Disney Collector’s Edition Dumbo puzzle by Ravensburger, I couldn’t resist to have it!
I am sure you are aware that Disney is releasing a new Dumbo movie, but this puzzle is done with the illustrations from the original movie on 1941 and is part of the special collection called Unforgettable Disney Moments. You can find some of the most beautiful scenes from the Disney classics; Bambi, Fantasia, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Dumbo.
I have to admit that this had been quite a difficult puzzle to solve, Dumbo is really cute, but this one is quite devilish! There are so many pieces with the same colour that it took me much longer than expected to solve it. Even now I have to admit that I haven’t finished it! Why is it so difficult? Because the image is a painting from 1941 so there’s not one homogenous colour but a lot of colours in every piece! I will say that I love difficult puzzles and I was searching for a really difficult one to keep me entertained for a while, so now that I have it, I promise that I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

Just take a look at the border pieces, they are all the same with no hint to help you know where are they going.
One of the things that I love from Ravensburger is the Softclick Technology, there are not two pieces equal on the puzzle, so in the difficult puzzles like this one, you know that when a piece fits is the correct place to be!
Here is my son helping me with the pieces, he saw me so abducted with the puzzle that wanted to help me no matter what!

What I loved about the puzzle is the little film upstairs with some of the images from the original movie, a cute detail!
So, if you want to contact with me during Easter, forget about it, I’ll be relaxing with my Dumbo! 😉

I would like to thank Ravensburger for giving me the change to enjoy my favourite Disney character while I am doing this puzzle, my dream come true!