After The Funeral by Gillian Poucher

Genre: Fiction
Source: RedDoor Publishing


About The Book

You don’t know me but I know you…
When a stranger approaches Julia Butler at her mother’s funeral and hints at a disturbing family secret, her life is turned upside down.
Who is this woman and how does she know so much about Julia’s life?
Grief-stricken, Julia finds her well-ordered life unravelling and her relationships in turmoil. As the mystery around the stranger deepens, she must not only make peace with those around her, but with the ghosts from her past to find hope for the future.

My Thoughts

I felt a connection with this story since the beginning, I know how lost you can feel when you loose your mother; like you are missing an important part of your life, a pillar that no matter what was always there… Julia has not only lost her mother, she is trying to get over the infidelity of her partner when a mysterious woman hunts her with a dark family secret. Ready to discover what happens After the Funeral?
This is a very emotive book, full of drama and secrets; because Julia is not in her best moment, but the mysterious Linda doesn’t seem really trustworthy, or not to me, let’s be clear. I didn’t like much her since the beginning, but that’s what keeps you reading in a book, the story and the characters, to discover if you are correct with your guessing or you were totally wrong!
I know how a secret can break a family, but keeping it quiet it will never do any good, so maybe it’s time for Julia to discover the truth with the full impact of it. Because when Linda will hand her the diary of her deceased mother, she would never believed all the secrets her family had buried, but maybe it will help her to heal all her wounds and start fresh, don’t you think?
This is a family saga, connecting 3 generations with some dark secrets, but it will show you too how really important is a family!

About The Author

Gillian Poucher was born in Bolton. After studying history at undergraduate level, she worked as a solicitor before training as a church minister. She was ordained into the United Reformed Church in 2006 and completed her PhD in Biblical Studies in 2013. Gillian lives in Lincolnshire with her husband and daughter. After The Funeral is her first novel.