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Crayola Experience – Orlando

I am sure that you know that Orlando is the paradise of the theme parks, Disney, Universal… the only problem is that the ticket prices are not cheap and with a 3 year old son, I don’t think going for 5 days to the parks is the best way to spend money, don’t you think? That’s why when last week I decided to search for something different to keep my little one active but without having to spend more than $200 a day to visit the parks, I discovered the Crayola Experience! I never thought I would like it so much!

There are only 4 parks and all of them in the US, if you had the chance, go, your kids will love it! I read some reviews online before going and I didn’t like much what I read; long cues, nasty staff, machines broken… I just visited one, the Orlando one, it was on a Wednesday, but it was raining a lot outside and there were a lot of kids inside the Crayola Experience. I can not complain at all about the staff, they were all friendly and helpful, there was only one machine broken, not an important one, and there were cues, yes, but the staff tried to entertain the kids while waiting and keep the cue flowing.

The ticket is really cheap compared to the big parks, $24.99 for each person and I was lucky that kids between 3 and 4 years old are free all April! The ticket includes access to all activities and two tokens, to purchase two things from the machines, your choice!

One of them is wrapping your own Crayola with your design! 😉

There are a lot of things to do at the Crayola Experience, at least 3/4 hours for sure, and if your kids are 4 years old, better than 3, there were some activities that my son was a little too young to understand or to do, I would not recommend it for kids less than 2 years, they will not understand much and get bored.

There are physical activities too, so be prepared to have a lot of fun!

There are a lot of colourful designs around the building with interesting information about Crayola…

In the end we had a few souvenirs to take home!

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