Love And Other Things To Live For by Louise Everett

Genre: Women’s Fiction
Source: HQ
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Meet Jess, an aspiring photographer living in London. With a newly broken heart, she’s facing a battle between the past and the future, choosing between having a life, or making a living – finding her feet or spreading her wings. Ultimately, she must ask herself: who is she really living for?
Bored of bottomless brunches and swiping right, Jess is looking for something a little more from London life. After quitting law school to pursue her dreams of becoming a photographer, Jess is determined to lap up every fresh experience the city has to offer, especially when it comes to love.
Yet Jess refuses to tackle this brave new world alone.
This is a book for everyone with a girl squad or in desperate need of one. This is about women coming together to tackle today’s world, taking the hand of those either side, saying the words loudly, together…rock my tribe.

My Thoughts

This is the book you’ve been waiting all your life!
Jessica Wood has her heart broken, we all know what does it feel; the pain, the sadness, the need to contact again… so she will start a search; what type of search will you ask, she will start searching for herself, what does she really want, a search for the truth about her needs and feelings. This is never an easy path, discovering the needs and hopes, it will be a complicated journey, but let me say that it will be worth the trip.
Jessica will look simple, but don’t underestimate her, she is you, me, every reader that in a moment loses the inner guide and needs a trip to remember what really is important. Not everyone needs the same, we are not robots, everyone has their preferences and decisions, but all of us have our dreams to fulfill, don’t we? That’s what this book is about; love, of course, but all the other things in our lives that makes us happy; friends, hobbies and work! Because with a work we hate, our live will have always a missing part.
This will be a trip between the past and the present, how she meets him and their story together; and now, how she has to start deciding what does she really want. Her friends are always on the side, maybe not always present, but always in the moments of need. They are important, friendship is always important, never forget it.
This had been a delicious read, I enjoyed every page of it; it felt real and human; there’s always love, but there are other things too! 😉

About The Author

Louise Leverett graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London on a full scholarship before moving on to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Film in New York.
Since establishing her own business ‘Rock the Tribes’ she is now working on a collection of writings that will eventually be turned into adaptations for screen.