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Second Chances for Lottie Botte By Katy Lilley

Genre: Fiction
Source: Compulsive Readers

About The Book

Unhappy, friendless and dissatisfied with life in general, Lottie Botte isn’t afraid to let people know how she really feels.
When her husband Donald comes home and drops a bombshell, Lottie realises she is about to lose everything. Now is her chance to make some changes.
Second chances don’t come along very often, and Lottie must grab her opportunity with both hands, even if it means negotiating with the mysterious hot guy who is moving into her house…
Can Lottie become someone else – a less grotty, snotty Lottie?

My Thoughts

Is never easy to start a life when you are passing for a divorce and you just have two weeks to leave your home; but Lottie is not anyone, she is not ready to let her husband trample on her and win on everything. He has cheated and she deserves at least some respect, don’t you think?
Since the first page we know that Lottie has character, she says what she thinks, no matter the politeness or the forms, she is fresh and hilarious, not everyone in her situation would be so “calm” or ready to say the truth so easily, this is for sure.
I would not say much of what I really think of Lottie’s future ex-husband, I didn’t like him at all, but I am sure that this is the intention of the author, Katy Lilley, to hate him with every pore of your skin. In addition to being a bad husband and blame Lottie for everything, can you believe that he had sold the house without her permission and with just 2 weeks notice to leave? And selling all the furniture inside with the house? Really, I wanted to kill him within the first page, but I loved how Lottie turned everything on her favor, with just some few words left him totally mute and I loved it, I think I will have to learn braveness from Lottie.
This is a book of Second Chances, as the title of the book advises you of course, but in more than one way, how Lottie discovers her true self, her side hidden from everyone for a long time and that is ready to see the light from now on. She will discover that when a marriage ends, there’s always something after, even on the “romantic” part, and that friends, the really best friends, can forgive your worst things.
This is a book to laugh, enjoy and remember that even on the worst days there’s always something good waiting for us.
Ready for the Second Chances?

About The Author

The softer, sweeter side of Raven McAllan, I write romance with sass.
Ever since I made up happy ever after stories to tell to my dolls, and then to my children, I’ve wanted to write them. It just took a long while to get there.