Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

A Pirate’s Song by Justin Davis

Genre: Picture Books
Source: Blue Falcon Publishing

This is a different blog tour than the ones you are used to, it is a children book! I’ve always loved children books, it’s surprising how with so little text and precious illustrations they share always a beautiful story; perfect for any little reader!

So let’s talk a little bit about A Pirate’s Song by Justin Davis, is an adventure, a search for a pirate’s treasure, with a full pirate crowd! Ready?
This is a funny book, the drawings may seem simple but full of movement and colour, they seem to move through the pages to make you sing with them and enter to their adventure.
The text is written like a rhythmic poem that will make you sing the story while you are reading, I can assure you!
And don’t forget the song, because there’s a Pirate’s song too, funny and original I am sure your kid will sing it all day.

I loved the questions at the end, makes the kid to re-read all the story and search for the correct answers, a way to know for sure that your little one has understood fully what they’ve read.
I hope there will be another pirate adventure soon! 😉