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Cold As The Grave by James Oswald

Genre: Crime
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

Her mummified body is hidden in the dark corner of a basement room, a room which seems to have been left untouched for decades. A room which feels as cold as the grave.
As a rowdy demonstration makes its slow and vocal way along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Detective Chief Inspector Tony McLean’s team are on stand-by for any trouble. The newly promoted McLean is distracted, inexplicably drawn to a dead-end mews street… and  door, slightly ajar, which leads to this poor girl’s final resting place.
But how long has she been there, in her sleep of death? The answers are far from wha McLean or anyone else could expect.
The truth far more chilling than a simple cold case…

My Thoughts

With a mixture of real and paranormal, this book will blow your mind!
I have to admit that I haven’t read any of the previous books of this series, although it’s the ninth book of the Inspector McLean, you can read it as standalone. But let’s say that what makes this book an exceptional read is the characters, their connection and their involvement on each case is the icing on the cake of the book.
The book doesn’t have any constrain to talk about real problems; racism, immigration, prostitution… Some themes that should not be talked in closed doors but talked deeply and try to find solutions, not only patches to keep the politicians mind quiet.
The case is interesting, of course, a mysterious body appears on a room that seems to not be touched for a long time; who could had put the body there? Of course this seems an old case, will they find any clues or this is a cold case?
I don’t want to make any spoiler of the case, so I’ll just say start reading this book, I don’t think it will matter where you start this series because you’ll be addicted to them for sure!
Ready for Cold As The Grave?

Sounds interesting? Read this extract and you’ll be hooked! 😉

‘It’s a sandwich factory, right? We make sandwiches.’ McLean sat in a hard plastic chair on one side of the wobbly table in interview room two. Across the scratched Formica surface, Billy McKenzie was talking as much with his hands as his voice, waving them in the air excitedly as he spoke. His work was clearly something he took very seriously and about which he was quite passionate.
‘Aye. Sandwiches. Ye ken? Two white slices an’ a slab of ham. Cardboard carton and off you go.’
McKenzie swept the air, bringing his palms together and then apart again in a motion that as far as McLean could tell had nothing whatsoever to do with the making of sandwiches. He paused for the time it took to drink some of the coffee Sergeant Dundas had brought up from the canteen.
‘And where exactly is this factory, Mr McKenzie?’
‘Oot Newcraighall way. In the industrial park, aye?’
That was another thing about McKenzie, McLean noticed.
Everything was a question.
‘I’d never given it much thought, but I suppose sandwiches have to be made somewhere.’
‘Aye. See, if you buy a sandwich from a garage, like? Or maybe the wee corner store for your lunch?
Chances are that’s me’s made it for youse.’ McKenzie pointed at his chest with both hands. ‘Me or one of the girls, ken?’
‘Your co-workers? Is it one of them who’s gone missing?’McKenzie paused a moment before answering, that frown creasing from his eyes right over the top of his shaved head again.
‘Aye, well, no. See, most of the girls is foreign, ken? Immigrants, refugees? Mr Boag, he’s the boss, ken? He says they make the best workers. Too much to lose if they kick up a fuss. It’s no’ right, ken?
The things they’ve seen, the stuff they’ve had to put up wi’. An’ they never complain, aye? Just d the work.’
McLean took another sip of his coffee. Not as nice as Grumpy Bob’s brew, but not bad, considering.
He was all too aware that the only reason he was listening to this man was so that he didn’t have t deal with paperwork. No amount of wishing or distraction would make that go away, though. Still,
there was something about McKenzie that fascinated him, even if he couldn’t quite put his finger o what or why.
‘Do you have a problem with them? Immigrants, I should say.’
‘Me?’ McKenzie’s confusion at the question couldn’t have been faked. ‘No way, man. They’s as much right to a job as the next, aye? See the work they do? There’s no’ many folk’d do it for the pay and no’ complain.’
‘But you do, though. You make the sandwiches, I take it?’
‘Aye. On the line wi’ the rest of them.’
‘The migrant workers.’
‘And one of them’s gone missing.’
‘Aye.’ McKenzie stopped a moment as if his thoughts were having trouble keeping up with his mouth. ‘Well, no’ one of the workers. But her sister, see? Akka. That’s her name. An’ she’s got this wee girl. No’ sure if she was born here or came over on the boat wi’ her. Thing is, Akka’s wee girl has disappeared. Nala. That’s her name. The wee girl, see?’
McLean wasn’t sure that he did. Keeping up with the natter wasn’t easy. ‘So there’s a little girl gone missing, that what you’re trying to tell me?’
‘Aye, that’s right.’
‘And has her mother reported this to anyone?’
‘That’s the thing, ken? She won’t. She don’t dare. Thinks youse lot’ll lock her up and send her back where she came from.’
‘And where’s that?’
‘Syria, ken? She . . . Well, I probably shouldnae say, but I don’t think they came here legal like, ken?’
McLean tried to suppress his sigh, although he may have failed. Migrant workers were one thing, and brought their own set of unique problems such as an ingrained mistrust of authority. Illegal immigrants were another deal altogether, and needed a far lighter touch. Especially if there was a missing child involved.
‘Let’s take this from the top, Mr McKenzie.’ He fished in his jacket for a notebook and pen, opened up on fresh page and started to write things down.

About The Author

JAMES OSWALD is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling Inspector McLean series of detective mysteries, as well as the new DC Constance Fairchild series. James’s first two books, NATURAL CAUSES and THE BOOK OF SOULS, were both short-listed for the prestigious CWA Debut Dagger Award. AS COLD AS THE GRAVE is the ninth book in the Inspector Mclean Series.
James farms Highland cows and Romney sheep by day, writes disturbing fiction by night.