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A Fatal Game by Nicholas Searle

Genre: Thriller
Source: Penguin

About The Book

A terrorist attack has just hit a busy railway station. Jake Winter was the British intelligence officer in charge of stopping the attack and now his career, and his conscience, are in freefall…
Jake’s next anti-terror operation has to be a success. He has got himself a new source – a young British Asian man, Rashid, recently returned, apparently disillusioned, from battle, who he hopes is the key to foiling the next attack and to getting Jake to the leader of the network. But is Rashid really working for British intelligence, or has Jake put his faith in the wrong man once again?
A Fatal Game is the story of an organization, and a single man, in a state of panic. And panic is the last thing you need when you’re playing a game like this …

My Thoughts

I can not imagine who has to be hiding your life from all the people around you, your work being so secret and dangerous that any drop of information in the wrong hands could be a deadly weapon!
Jake Winter is a British Intelligence officer, his job is to follow an asset who knows more about a possible terrorist group when he detonates a bomb… You can imagine the pressure he will be in, to discover who did it and stop any other try.
As the reader enters the plot, you can see the difficult task the anti-terrorist agencies have to do, never knowing for sure what will happen next or if the information they are receiving is certain or simply a cover up. The doubt is always there and let’s not talk about the pressure they are in… I am sure there’s a lot from their bosses, but the main one it will be from the detectives too, they have the lives of thousands of people in their hands, not something to take lightly.
The reader feels all the time the situation of Jake in their own skin; the doubt, fear, pain… you don’t know how everything will end or if it will have a happy ending, you just cross your fingers hoping that there will not be more victims!
This is a non-stop nail bitting read, you’ll be part of the story since the beginning and running with Jake to discover the truth.
Ready for the “A Fatal Game”?

About The Author

Nicholas Searle grew up in Cornwall and studied languages at the universities of Bath and Göttingen. After teaching for four years he moved to London to join the Civil Service. He had a hugely enjoyable twenty-three years in a variety of jobs dealing with security matters before going to work in a similar capacity for the New Zealand government in Wellington. In 2011 he returned to the UK, left the Civil Service and began writing in earnest. Nicholas and his wife live in Yorkshire.