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A Killing Sin by K.H. Irvine

Genre: Thriller
Source: Love Books Group
Ratings: 4’5/5

About The Book

Would you surrender your secrets to save a life?
London. It could be tomorrow. Amala Hackeem, lapsed Muslim tech entrepreneur and controversial comedian, dons a burqa and heads to the women’s group at the Tower Hamlets sharia community. What is she doing there?
Ella Russell, a struggling journalist leaves home in pursuit of the story of her life. Desperate for the truth, she is about to learn the true cost of the war on terror.
Millie Stephenson, a university professor and expert in radicalisation arrives at Downing Street to brief the Prime Minister and home secretary. Nervous and excited she finds herself at the centre of a nation taken hostage. And then it gets personal.
Friends since university, by the end of the day the lives of all three women are changed forever. They will discover if friendship truly can survive secrets and fear.

My Thoughts

Since the first page I was totally hooked with this story, it’s not an easy read and it’s based on a (possible) future world, after the Brexit…
I’ll start saying that I don’t like religion, in one moment or another in history they all represented war and death, so no, I don’t like them. In this case the story is based on the Muslim world, the extremists and how a religion could be manipulated from the most peaceful way to the most dangerous one. But this is not only a case you could see in the Muslim religion, the Catholic is not a good referee either, it was not long ago that the “white women” were closed at home without any chance to work or have a current account without a husband, so we should look at ourselves before complaining so much against the others!
I’ve always feared any type of control and this case is an infamous “chip” that in the beginning was created to help refugees, not long after the government started using to control the Muslims and where they went… The chip was created by Amala and Neil, two of the main characters on this story who are involved in a kidnapping organized by a terrorist that doesn’t fear the death if she can succeed in her goal. The other characters are Ella, a University professor, and Millie, a journalist.
There’s a lot to talk about this book and what it says about the extremisms, I am not an expert (and I don’t plan to!) but what I read a long time ago is that if in a kidnapping a woman is the boss, it will end mostly with death. Women are the more fearless compared to men, when they have a goal is really difficult to change their minds.
This story is engaging, sad and twisted; I am sure you’ll be glued to it since the beginning. I loved the writer work and the way it presents the “world” maybe not real but what it could be…
A Killing Sin is a powerful book that it will stay in your mind for a long time.

About The Author

K.H. Irvine grew up in Scotland and now lives near London. The book was her 50th birthday gift to herself, believing you are never too old to try something new. Her work has taken her to board rooms, universities and governments all over the world and has included up close and personal access to special forces. A Killing Sin is her first book. The second follows on a few years later as Britain moves to civil unrest with the rise of the far right as the personal and political become intertwined.