“On a warm and sunny afternoon in June, the temperatures were rising…”

You could feel the moisture on your skin, as the summer humidity began to develop all around.
At this moment it was perfectly calm, no wind blowing, only a faint rumbling sound far in the distance.

These conditions were the perfect ingredients for the clouds to form, burst into life and light up the sky in a spectacular fashion. High up in the atmosphere, unique shapes started to build and change quickly into intricately shaped pieces of cotton wool art. It was my time to catch mother natures most potent and fascinating phenomena in all its glory.

Cloudscapes focuses on how I see this naturally beautiful spectacle. From a young age, I was fascinated by this natural wonder that has always led to intrigue and interest – leaving me with a great sense of curiosity to find out more and to capture it and explain what this incredible and uncontrollable art form means to me.

Sometimes you just need to dream! Take a look at this beautiful cloud series created by the artist Claire Droppert