I have to admit that the Messy Me brand contacted me a long time ago and it’s my fault that I haven’t shared with you their products before; with the nursery, travels and the house moving I haven’t had the chance to try the products of Messy Me and I am really sorry for it, they are amazing!
Let’s talk a little about Messy Me, is a small brand focused to let your children make all the mess they want without having to sacrifice your home! Yes, some stylish products to cover and protect your delicate things with style.
I want to talk about their Baking Gifts Sets, the best way to cook with your little ones and have fun without fearing the mess they will make! Because in the Baking Gifts Sets it comes everything you need to make some delicious cookies without the fear to leave the kitchen upside down after the cooking time. There are 5 colors to choose: blue, red, pink, grey and floral. They all contain the same things, it only changes to color of the apron! The price for each box is £19.50. Here is what you’ll find inside:

The apron which is made using high quality soft fabric (BPA and phthalate free) and I can assure you that is really easy to wipe clean. Inside there’s too a mini wood roller pin (solid beech from FSC certified forests) and some pretty star cookie cutters (sizes range from 10cm to 4cm diameter). And just if you are wondering, there’s a recipe too to make cookies in case you don’t know which one to choose! 😉
This was my first attempt to cook something with my little one, so I was a little bit nervous if he would like it or will simply look at me and return to his trains. But I was totally wrong, he loved it!
He loved his new dress kit…

And I have to say that all the products inside the kit were really good, sturdy and high quality. I loved the apron design and it had the perfect size for my little one, I am sure we will have some very interesting cook adventures with all these products.
And while I was measuring all the ingredients, he played with the roller pin! But what he loved most was helping me, of course!

The best part of all was when we had to cut the cookies, he loved to choose the sizes and make the cute stars!

We didn’t do a bad job, don’t you think? Some of them are more toasted on the borders than the centre, but it was my first time cooking with the new oven and I don’t know it yet, but I am sure I’ll learn soon how it works! 😉

He loved so much his stars that instead of eating them he was keeping them in his hands like a precious treasure! And now, three days later, he is still asking for his stars! So I think this was a really good box, not only to keep our little one entertained but to show them the cooking world!

You should take a look at the Messy Me products, they have an extended range of products to keep your house clean without having to sacrifice the mess all the little ones do when they play! I am sure you’ll find something you’ll love! 😉