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Found by Erin Kinsley

Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4’5/5

About The Book

When 11 year old Evan vanishes without trace, his parents are plunged into their worst nightmare – especially as the police, under massive pressure, have
no answers.
But months later Evan is unexpectedly found, frightened and refusing to speak.
His loving family realise life will never be the same again.
DI Naylor knows that unless those who took Evan are caught, other children are in danger. And with Evan silent, she must race against time to find those

My Thoughts

There are some books that touch you, this is one of those books for me.
Reading about a boy that has been kidnapped waiting for the bus to return home, makes me realize that there’s peril everywhere, you can’t never know for sure that your loved ones are safe.
I really liked how this book was written and developed; it’s not usual to read a case since the beginning till the trial. But don’t expect a long and boring book, is told between the detectives and Evan’s family; all of them are important in the case and have their own voice in the story, I can not imagine the story without any of them.
I am used to read the case in the perspective of the police or the family of the victim, in this case we will have both. How the family suffer the disappearance and then the return, how they have to cope with the fear and sadness of Evan, that is not the same, and possibly will never be after being disappeared for so long. They will have their struggles and will have to change everything if they want to continue being a family, but love always prevail, don’t you think?
And the police, they know they are the ones that should stop the kidnappers, but they don’t have the resources to continue investigating if there’s not a new clue. The detectives of the case will continue to investigate in their free time, but it will take much more time to discover the truth.
I read this book in just one day, I really wanted to know the full story, it was a very addictive and interesting read. I felt like instead of reading a book I was watching a movie on my mind, full of details and feeling that will leave no reader indifferent.
This is not an easy read, is bittersweet and though on equal parts, but I loved every page!
Ready to be Found?

About The Author

Erin Kinsley is a full-time writer. She grew up in Yorkshire and currently lives in East Anglia. Now writing under a pseudonym, her previous books were published
by Bloomsbury. Longlisted for the Desmond Elliot prize amongst other awards, her writing has received glowing reviews across the national press.