First of all I would like to thank BookLife for sending me a copy of this book, I always search for stories or play books for my son, and I forgot the non-fiction ones! There’s a huge selection of non-fiction books for kids and I always ignore them!
BookLife is focused on educative books for schools, so their books are colorful, interesting and attractive for the kids, they know what they have to do to draw the attention of our little ones!
This is the third post of a few series that I am featuring the BookLife books; the ones I’ll be sharing are focused on my little one interests and preferences, but really take a look at their homepage as I am sure you’ll find a lot of books that will fit on your child’s profile!

Let’s talk a little bit about Patterns from the First Maths series, that is explores simple number and shape skills via easy-read text and engaging, colourful images. There are four books in this series: Patterns, Shapes, Measuring and Counting.  I think this is my favourite book of the series, not only for the interesting things that teaches the little ones but the curious things that shares to everyone that reads it. It makes you to start looking more carefully to the world around you. This book has some big letters and short words to make the little ones easy to start reading and understand, they will love to discover what’s said on the book and start learning new words, I am sure. There’s a little quiz at the end of the book to make the little ones understand and re-think what they’ve just learned in the book and talk about it.

In this book you not only have to take a look at the beautiful and colourful images but to interact with them. Simply take a look…

I loved how the BookLife books attract my son, maybe more than the picture ones, possibly because he can see objects that he knows and want to learn more about them? Or simply for the detailed photos of the book? That they seem so real that you can almost feel their texture and patterns on your fingers, really!

After enjoying this book so much I think we will search for the other ones of the series, the Measuring and Counting ones seem interesting and I can’t wait to find which real examples from life are in the book!
You can buy all the books of the series on Amazon for £12.99, I am sure your little ones will love them!